Kan Herbs (Thailand)


Kan Herbs (Thailand) Limited Partnership was established in 2016 from Ordinary person to Juristic Persons Commercial businesses as Kan Herbs (Thailand) Limited Partnership in order to expand business and meets the purpose as Government specifications.


Business Inspiration and Belief originated from founder’s parent had facial skin problems; itchy, red, irritated skin, which couldn’t cure by treatments and expensive imported medicine.Then the founder had to look at what Thailand has and founded that herbs in Thailand are very valuable and useful. Then she went to take some advices of her parent’s issue from Thai Traditional Medical Group and finally made her own herbal wax for her parent and found out it’s work. Her parent’s itchy, irritated skin symptoms were better and gone. So this is her parent’s advice to make and sale this product to help those people who have the same issue to be cured and feel good. That’s why she started to run this business to make and sale this herbal wax which is natural formula product and we believed that this product is good and could make our customers happy, that’s the reason why we decided to run this health business.







Vision: Kan Herbs (Thailand) Limited Partnership is willful to develop herbal innovation to the world; receiving combination of Technology and Thai Herb which can be united as valuable health product and Thai product value added.

愿景:医起草药(泰国)合伙有限公司有意向世界发展草药创新; 接受技术和泰国草药的组合,可以统一为宝贵的保健品和泰国产品的价值。

Mission: Focusing on delighting consumer to receive the real benefit from thai herb using modern technology for product development.



Kan Herbs (Thailand) Limited Partnership

Product Brand: ‘SAPA’ – Processed Herbal Products

Type of Products and Services: Manufacturers/Distributors of Processed Herbal Products and Cosmetics

Location: 184 Moo 5 T.Sansainoi A.Sansai, Chiang Mai 50210

Contact : Kanyaphat  Ponchaisri (CEO)   Tel : +66 866123774   or  +66 817026121

E-mail  :  kanyaphat@kannherbs.com